University publishes first grade report

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Students have long complained about perceived grade deflation at Wake Forest. An “A” in a class has seemed impossible for many. After the Fall 2014 semester, for the first time, a grade distribution memo was shared with students, providing a breakdown of exactly how many of each letter grade was assigned.

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Scientists share hope for the future of the oceans

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Wake Forest kicked off its Thrive 2015 initiative Thursday evening with “Protect: Pledging Responsibility for Ocean and Environmental Change Today.” The event featured Nancy Knowlton, Amanda Leland and Sylvia Earle: three of the premiere female voices on ocean conservation today. While the three scientists represent different generational and professional backgrounds, their messages were united.

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Deacon Profile: Sean Wilkinson

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Sean Wilkinson, senior studio art major from Mill Valley, Calif., has been silently taking Wake Forest University by storm one photograph at a time. After his partner Kovi Konowiecki, a Wake Forest alumnus, passed down the style blog, “Forest Folk,” Wilkinson has walked the campus in search of individuality amongst the student body’s closets.

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Student brings Wake Forest to iTunes U

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When you open the iTunes University library and scroll through the list of over 100 colleges, you will find schools like Duke and North Carolina State, but not Wake Forest. iTunes University (iTunes U), an online resource used by thousands of prospective college students, is a section of Apple’s iTunes Music Store dedicated to educational audio visual files from its collegiate users, free of charge.

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Campus rallies behind persecuted Imam

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Almost five years ago, Wake Forest hired Imam Khalid Griggs as the university’s first Associate Chaplain for Muslim Life. At this time, Griggs, a respected leader in the Winston-Salem Muslim community and Imam of the Community Mosque of Winston-Salem, was tasked with providing religious leadership to Wake Forest’s growing Muslim community.

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Conservative supports climate awareness

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On Jan. 15, former congressman Bob Inglis (R-S.C.) visited Wake Forest to address a problem rarely acknowledged in conservative circles: climate change. Inglis, a two-term representative from South Carolina’s fourth district, discussed the possibility of free market solutions to climate change during two separate hour-long lectures targeted at law and graduate business students, respectively.

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