Legislature overrides governor on gay marriage bill

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Eyes turned on North Carolina after the state legislature overrode Gov. Pat McCrory’s veto of a bill that allows municipal officials to opt out of certifying same-sex unions by citing religious objections. Although not explicitly stated, many believe this law is designed to curtail same-sex marriages — including McCrory, a republican who went has broken ranks with his party and the legislature by vetoing the bill.

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Suzanne Reynolds named new dean of Wake Forest Law School

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Beginning July 1, Suzanne Reynolds will be the new dean of Wake Forest University School of Law after serving as the interim dean for the past academic year. Reynolds joined the Wake Forest faculty in 1981 as an expert in family law after practicing civil ligitation for four years at Smith, Moore, Smith, Schell & Hunter. In 1993 she published her defining work,

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Colbert delivers thoughtful address, with many laughs mixed in

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Legendary comedian and incoming Late Show host Stephen Colbert delivered a humorous, heartfelt and thought provoking address to the graduating class of 2015 on May 18.

In his speech, Colbert — who seemed to leave behind the conservative pundit persona he depicted on his Comedy Central hit The Colbert Report for nine years — discussed Wake Forest’s culture and history as well as his own career in a speech that has since generated national headlines.

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Gender gap found in majors

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There are a number of studies analyzing a “gender gap” in areas ranging from the number of female CEOs to the number of fathers who do housework to the degrees earned by male or female college students. At Wake Forest, senior Corynn Kolberg analyzed a potential gender gap in college majors, comparing the number of male versus female students within different departments across campus. She found that for many majors, a visible gender gap did, in fact, exist.

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Sen. Burr discusses national security, 2016 elections

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After sweeping victories in the midterm elections in November, Republicans padded their majority in the House of Representatives and seized control of the Senate for the first time since the 2006 elections. When the new Congress was sworn in on Jan. 3, Sen. Richard Burr (’78), North Carolina’s senior senator, became the new chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

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Deacon Profile: Michele Gillespie

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Gillespie received her undergraduate degree from Rice University. She went on to receive her M.A. and Ph.D from Princeton University. She joined the Wake Forest faculty in 1999, after teaching at Agnes Scott College for six years. In 2003, she was named the Kahle Family Professor of History and then served as the associate provost for academic initiatives from 2007 to 2010.

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