Gay marriage legalized in N.C.

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Mary Ann Ellis and Robin Idol, of Kernersville, became the first same-sex couple Monday to be legally married in Forsyth County. The couple was married by the Rev. Lisa Schwartz of Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and the Rev. Ron LaRocque of Metropolitan Community Church of Winston-Salem, in front of the Forsyth County Government Center moments after receiving their marriage license.

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Article revives racial tension issues

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The university’s Kappa Alpha Order has received a tremendous amount of local attention in the weeks following the events surrounding its “Rap Video” party, which was scheduled to take place on Sept. 5. This annual social event is popular among many students involved in Greek life and is typically set to the theme of a rap music video.

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Deacon Profile: Laura Aull

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Laura Aull readily acknowledges her love for the world of ideas, revealing the impetus behind her debut book, First-Year University Writing: A Corpus Linguistic Genre Study with Pedagogical Implications. As Aull spoke of the project during a recent interview, her eyes lit up, juxtaposing the ascetic sparseness of her desk, on which a lone Mason glass, filled with water, sat.

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Yik Yak remains controversial on campus

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About a year ago, Yik Yak, an anonymous social media smart phone application, exploded in the Wake Forest community, and students agree the harm outweighs the fun. “I can’t help myself from reading it every night before bed and throwing a couple up votes out for things that I think are funny,” said senior, Lauren Eagan, “but I think it’s pretty immature and half the stuff posted is hurtful and stupid.”

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Wake Forest ranked No. 12 for undergraduate finance

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LinkedIn, a business-oriented networking service, has ranked the best universities in the United States for students to attend if they want to work in finance in the future, and Wake Forest University is ranked No.12. According to Wake Forest University website, the undergraduate finance program prepares students for careers in financial services, including investment and commercial banking and financial consulting.

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Wake maintains tobacco-friendly policies

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A small cloud of tobacco smoke hovered over the back steps of Farrell Hall. It was Jamie Freney’s fourth cigarette break of the day — midterm exams just a week away.

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