Gospel Claws attract Indie music lovers

Over a year after the release of their self-titled EP and multiple singles, we finally see the first full length album from Gospel Claws, C-L-A-W-S. As expected, the tracks were worth the wait. Gospel Claws formed in 2007, combining indie rock, folk and a bit of soul to produce their own distinctive sound. C-L-A-W-S has a similar sound and feel as Gospel Claws’ previous music, which elicits no complaints.

gospelClawsIn fact, they’ve taken that sound and expanded on it, arranging upbeat rock tracks like “Walk Me Down” and “Avenues” with a more energetic uniformity while providing intricate folk tracks like “Summer Nights Lakeside” and “Householder” to give the album a mellow edge.

Their soul infusion comes across in tracks such as “La Pequeña,” irresistible to jam out to.

Surprisingly, none of the tracks resemble the feel they created with “Don’t Let It Die,” a popular song off the EP and a sound that many Gospel Claws fans may have been hopeful to see more fully developed.

Reasons aside, the band has steered off this direction in pursuit of more organic instrumentals and melodies.

On C-L-A-W-S, Gospel Claws is reminiscent of many other current bands, such as Band of Horses in “Householder,” Fleet Foxes in “Need For Speed,” and Vampire Weekend in “Greeley Estates.” If you like these bands, there is no doubt you will enjoy this album.

Not only are their vocals and lyrics up to par, their musical ingenuity separates them from the crowd.

There is no doubt that with this album Gospel Claws will gain the popularity that Joel Marquard, guitarist, received with his previous band Dear and the Headlights.Overall, the track on C-L-A-W-S cater to an indie feel, but each in a unique way that keeps every song fresh.

This is an album you won’t want to miss – and a band you’ll want to keep tabs on.

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