Sex, lies, and a Demon Deacon?

Many of you have probably heard that David Letterman kept a bachelor’s pad/love nest above his famous T.V. studio where he seduced women for years unbeknowst to his now wife and longtime girlfriend, Regina Lasko. The affairs were made public when Letterman revealed a $2 million blackmail plot against him on national television on October 1.

Less known is that one of The Late Show host’s illicit ladies is pegged as none other than Letterman’s former sidekick, Stephanie Birkitt, Wake Forest Class of ’97. Birkitt dated Letterman’s accused extortionist, producer Robert (Joe) Halderman, before the producer was charged with concocting a bizarre plot to expose Letterman’s dalliances with “Late Show” staffers, according to the New York Daily News.

Letterman has publicly apologized to his wife for her pain and embarrassment throughout the entire ordeal and has confronted his blackmailer in a grand jury hearing.

Lettermans former mistress?

Letterman's former mistress?

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