Bzdelik takes another step towards upsetting fans

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In the most recent events surrounding the men’s basketball team, head coach Jeff Bzdelik did not garner more respect from the fan base. In fact, he did just the opposite.

The Wake Forest radio show recently made national headlines by deciding not to allow live callers to speak to Bzdelik. This all stemmed from a show Dec. 6 where a number of callers began “preaching” and asking about the state of the basketball program. Now, for the first time in 17 years, questions must be submitted beforehand and reviewed before being addressed on air.

If losing to Seton Hall Dec. 8, after having a double digit lead, was not enough in a week, this should give fans enough to mull over while sipping on egg nog or lighting the menorah over the holiday season. It should complete a week in the life of a Wake Forest fan with another Wake Forest tradition shredded. Sadly, if things do not change, more traditions may fall by the way side.

Fans are upset. And they should be.

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The situation has even got ESPN’s attention, with an article and blog post: The agony of the Wake fan revealed.

If people begin to preach about how things should be done, cut them off the line if Bzdelik does not want to hear about it. Keep the show the way it is though. There are people out there who want to have that special connection with the man at helm of the Deacs. If someone talks to Bzdelik in person, they are more likely to support him, even if it is over the radio.

Sadly, those days are gone, and they remain nothing more than a memory of what used to be.

While trying to support “Buzz,” it is clear why many fans are upset. Under one tenure, Wake has fallen from one of the top teams in the nation, to one who can barely compete with teams at the bottom of most divisions. Instead of heading in the right direction (in terms of winning percentage), Wake Forest has been a story of riches to rags. The bleeding simply has not stopped.

With the downfall of the Deacs’ winning ways, Bzdelik is not helping his popularity by shielding himself from the public eye. Granted there are many visibly upset fans with the state of the Wake Forest program, but since they pay Bzdelik’s bills with season tickets, shouldn’t they receive answers from their man?

Maybe, something is going on that I do not know about. I do know that as Wake Forest fans, we have been through a lot in the last couple years, and it is tough to see what remains be stripped away. In time of questions, fans need answers. Otherwise, the Joel’s attendance will drop from fans in every other seat to a sparse decoration of attendees.

  • Chris

    The author obviously hasn’t been to a basketball game recently. A fan every other seat would be a major improvement. Bzdelik hasn’t taken “another step” – he’s taken every step.

    • David

      I can’t remember a Wake team that rebounds so poorly as the current one. You will never win a game being out-rebounded by 21. With 15 guys in suits on the bench you would think one could teacn it. We are so bad we need to dedicate emtire practice sessions to the skill.

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