Meet the DJs of Wake Radio

Noland Griffith

Clare Stanton/Old Gold & Black


Show Title: “Southern Spirits”

Show Time: Thursdays at 8:00 p.m.

What can listeners expect from your show?

Pretty much straight country music with voice breaks in between every two songs. I just explain the albums that I’ve played, the artists I’ve been talking about, what kinds of shows are coming up, and concerts that people can attend. I do some funny voices. I imitate Marty Huggins from The Campaign. I also do kind of a redneck, West Virginian voice who I’ve given the name Cletus Johnson and he does my NASCAR update because I am a very big fan of NASCAR. Not many of my listeners are NASCAR fans but they enjoy the voice more than the actual update.

Who is your radio inspiration?

I was actually inspired by my mentor in high school, Jay Scott. He was the technical theater and workshop director. I was involved in theater growing up and he had an early morning show on WSOC 103.7, which you can actually get in Winston-Salem. It was all country music so he’d do the same thing: he would play songs and then he would talk. It was awesome to wake up my freshman and sophomore years and hear him from 6 to 9 a.m.

What artists are included in a typical playlist on your show?

A typical playlist would probably include songs by Kenny Chesney, Justin Moore, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan and maybe some Toby Keith thrown in there. A lot of mine are actually requests from friends and family. It’s really nice that we broadcast over the Internet and not over radio waves, because I can get so many people who are important to me to listen.

Do you have any aspirations for a career in radio?

Maybe as a side job, but it is really just a hobby. I’d rather go into public relations. My dream job would be the communication director of NASCAR.

Danny Siso

Clare Stanton/Old Gold & Black


Show Title: “Latin Soul Experience”

Show Time: Mondays at 7:00 p.m.

What can listeners expect from your show?

I play a variety of different genres within Latin music, which can range from Latin pop and rock to merengue, salsa, ska, folk or jazz. I try to give listeners a variety of different music within the Latin genre. Last semester, I started to do themed shows. So every week I pick a different theme. One week would be Cuban inspired music another week would be music from Venezuela and another would be music from the Caribbean. I pick different styles of music within that set theme.

Who are some of your favorite artists that you feature on your show?

I’m really big into salsa and so I do a lot of salsa themed shows. One of my favorite artists is Oscar D’León. He’s a famous Venezuelan salsa singer whose nickname is “The Devil of Salsa.” He’s one of the more famous salsa singers. He was popular in the 70’s and 80’s and really made salsa into a big deal. He popularized it in Latin America as well as the United States.

Another favorite is Los Amigos Invisibles and they’re kind of very different. They’re like folk pop and it’s very different from what you normally think of Latin music. They have a very “indieish” feel.

Do you have any aspirations for a career in radio?

I would like to DJ on the side. I DJ-ed last semester for an OLAS party in the Barn.

Why did you choose to do a show for Wake Radio?

My main purpose is to expose Wake Radio listeners to a different genre of music they may not be accustomed to listening to. That’s Latin music, I really just want to transmit my passion for Latin music to other people. I feel like you don’t need to understand the music to find it enjoyable.

Corvaya Jeffries

Clare Stanton/Old Gold & Black


Show Title: “The Radar with Corvaya”

Show Time: Thursdays at 5:00 p.m.

How will you be involved in Wake Radio this semester?

I’m actually starting something new this semester. For the last few semesters, I’ve had a show called “Put Your Shirt Back On!” but I’m switching it up a little bit. My new show is titled “The Radar with Corvaya” You can also check me out on “The Gentleman’s Hour” Sundays at 7 p.m. That’s a show by Wake Radio DJ George Baity.

What can a listener expect from your show?

Expect fun, guests, discussions, interactive happenings via Twitter, Instagram and maybe even Tumblr. Most of all, good music!

What does a typical playlist in your show include?

A mixture of greats and unknowns, such as Amy Winehouse and New School Rapper “Logic”, spoken word poetry, hip hop, house, soul, lots of variety depending on the hour. I play tracks that remind you of how dope music really is.

What caused you to become a part of Wake Radio?

I couldn’t resist playing my choice of music in the station, blasting on max volume. It’s the little things that keep me sane here at Wake.

Do you have any aspirations for a career in radio?

Actually, I do. I see myself working in radio, being a personality. I also have a passion for television and journalism.

Amanda Calderon and Melody Petulla

Clare Stanton/Old Gold & Black


Show Title: “Embrace the Bass”

Show Time: Thursdays at 6:00 p.m.

What can listeners expect from “Embrace the Bass”?

AC: They can expect to feel like they are at Ultra.

MP: We play electronic music but a bunch of different subgenres within electronic. We do a lot of house. We are starting to do a little more dubstep and the occasional minimal or drum and bass.

AC: Mainly electronic and house and dance

MP: We usually start it out kind of slow and then it will build in intensity.

AC: If there is a holiday we may do a special show. For Halloween we did a Halloween dupstep special. But the show really depends on our mood.

MP: We like to have that spot before everyone goes out, to get everyone pumped.

What are some favorite artists that you feature on your show?

Hardwell, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Tiesto, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia, DJ Chuckie

MP: Those are pretty main stream but we also find a lot of obscure remixes of pop songs.

AC: When we are bored we will just search Youtube for new music.

MP: But just going through all of the recommendations on YouTube, you find a lot of stuff that you have never really heard about before.

AC: We also go to events to find out about new DJs and just research them.

Is there any voice component to your show?

AC: Yes, we talk and introduce ourselves and tell listeners about upcoming events, like if there is a DJ coming soon.

MP: We usually introduce the artist and the tracks that we are playing. We talk about whatever is going on in the nearby area and in the music industry.

Do you take requests?

MP: We blast our shows on Facebook and listeners can give us their requests there. We have also had people request our track lists.

Why did you choose to do a show for Wake Radio?

AC: We are super passionate about electronic music. I’ve loved it for years now, I love the club scene and I love going to festivals. It’s totally up my alley. I feel like here at Wake, there isn’t a lot of electronic. It is growing and I am happy about that.

MP: We like to think that we had a little bit of influence on the growing electronic scene.

AC: We like to think that. (laughs)

MP: We force people to play songs that we like when we go out. We were randomly paired together as roommates our freshman year and we bonded over our love for electronic music. We saw our opportunity to have our own radio show and we took it.

Mo Earley and Emma Hunsinger

Clare Stanton/Old Gold & Black


Show Title: “Mo Emma, Mo’Problems”

Show Time: Sundays at 10:00 p.m.

Why did you decide to do a show for Wake Radio?

EH: We both joined Wake Radio for different reasons freshman year. I think as freshman year went on we became better friends and by second semester we decided to do a show together. It’s always easier to do a show with two people.

ME: I ended up joining radio because I really like music and I thought it would be really cool. The show that I did first semester by myself was definitely not as exciting the one that we do together.

EH: When you do a show by yourself, it is just you monologuing. So when you have someone to talk to on the air it is much more fun and you get less nervous.

What can listeners expect from an hour of “Mo Emma, Mo’Problems”?

EH: Mo likes to play folk music.

ME: I think at the beginning we used to prepare shows a little bit more and now it is kind of like chaos in a controlled way.  We each pick a song and alternate. We play songs from the new music that comes in. Sometimes we know it is going to be good, and sometimes we don’t.

EH: We also talk about current events, usually not of paramount status. So if we had a show tonight we would talk about whether or not Beyonce lip-synced.

ME: Also we like to read the police beat.

EH: They are so ridiculous.

ME: Those are always entertaining.

EH: We also talk about school-related events that we are excited about, like WakeFrost.

ME: There really is no method.

Who are some favorite artists that you feature on your show?

Avett Brothers, Mumford and Sons, Love Language, Dr. Dog, Frightened Rabbit and Rhonda

ME: That is probably the most important thing about our show. For a while, we ended every show with the musical stylings of this woman named Rhonda who writes horrendous music.

EH: Our favorite is a ballad called “My House Got Egged”.

Do you have any aspirations for a career in radio?

ME: Who knows, maybe one day down the road we can go mainstream with “Mo Emma Mo’Problems”.

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