Seeing Buenos Aires!

Two days into Buenos Aires and I am in love. You can find everything here. When I say everything I mean it. From Italian inspired architecture, to McDonalds on every street corner, to horrible drivers (drivers here do not stay within the lines and stop signs are optional) and fashionable women in blocked-wedges.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Garrido

Today marks the second day here and we already did a week’s worth of things. Yesterday we arrived and from the airport were transported to Orientation. After Orientation we were instructed on how to take the bus home. YES, the bus! I know many are not used to such means of travel, but here it is the norm and great. Buses stop on practically every corner and it costs less than $1.00! After arriving to my homestay 40 minutes later, she had dinner waiting for my roommate and I: a salad, meal (chicken and rice) and dessert (grapes).

Today, after waking up 10 minutes before scheduled to leave to class (my alarm “forgot” to ring), we make it to class with 15 minutes to spare. Class lasted two hours then we had a lunch at a little sandwich place around the corner. Making the server happy because 12 students order empanadas (nom nom nom), we departed on our tour.

First, we witnessed the Washington inspired Argentina Obelisk. Then driving through Italian inspired homes we stopped at a famous metal constructed flower, Floralis Generica which opens and rotates during the day. It represents all flowers, for they are not very common in Buenos Aires.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Garrido

However, Buenos Aires has many trees everywhere and parks to workout, walk, and hangout.

Then we departed to visit the La Casa Rosada, the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina. Known mostly for the location where Evita was known to give her speeches to the common people. Just across the street we visited the Russian Orthodox Church, where in the inside greatly resembled the Sistine Chapel with its beautifully painted ceilings and marble columns.

After, we went to my favorite place thus far: La Boca.

This cute pueblo has a strong European flavor because of its bright walls, cafes lining the street and shops filled with amazing products to purchase. Lastly, we visited the famous cemetery known as La Recoleta.

Photo courtesy of Vanessa Garrido

Don’t be disturbed by this for the cemetery was unlike any other. People are buried, but there graves are under beautifully designed blocks of marble, granite, or stone. Words cannot describe the serenity of the cemetery, which is also home to Evita’s grave.

After a long day of site-seeing, three of us walked back to our homes located closely nearby. You thought you walked a lot at Wake, two days in Buenos Aires and you’ll never complain again. But being able to see all these beautiful places made it worth it!


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