Blogging your way to court

Butler University is sueing Junior Jess Zimmerman.

Butler University is sueing Junior Jess Zimmerman.

Jess Zimmerman, a junior at Butler University, has been sued by his university for libelous and defamatory statements made in his personal blog under the pen name “Soodo Nym.” His blog called into question some actions the Provost and Dean of the College made in regards to the unceremonious dismissal of his step-mother and father from the university’s employment. Pretty interesting stuff, read more here, or listen to a radio interview with Zimmerman here.

Exactly how much free speech does a student at a private university like Butler or Wake Forest have? This case may provide the answer.

For example, I hope President Nathan O. Hatch isn’t offended that the OGB calls him Natty O……….

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