Editorial staff nominates 2014 Commencement speakers

On Sept. 11, Provost Rogan Kersh sent an email out to the Wake Forest community asking for nominations for the 2014 commencement speaker. Here are the editorial board’s nominations for the 2014 commencement speaker:

Al_Hunt-740140Al Hunt:  Hunt is a Wake Forest graduate and a highly respected journalist for Bloomberg News. He is a member of the Board of Trustees, so he is up to date on current happenings at the university. His experience as a journalist gives him great insight into the state of our society and the ability to deliver real world advice to the graduating class.

Tina Fey: Oftentimes, the witty, comedic commencement speeches are the best received. Actress and comedian, Tina Fey is beloved by students and her speech would definitely be entertaining. Fey has the ability to hold and captivate an audience, all while delivering powerful messages in a comedic way.

J.K Rowling: It has been several years since someone from the field of literature graced the commencement stage at Wake Forest. We believe that J.K Rowling would be an excellent choice to deliver the 2014 Commencement Address. Rowling is a world-renowned author who went from viewing herself as a failure to writing one of the greatest series of novels in history. There is no doubt that her speech will be entertaining, imaginative and inspirational. Our generation has grown up reading the Harry Potter novels and watching the movies grace the big screen. These books are an irreplaceable part of our childhood.

Oprah: Obviously this entertainment mogul would be an extraordinary choice as a commencement speaker. She has a close relationship with Maya Angelou, giving her a tie to Wake Forest. She truly raised herself up from very little to become one of the most influential individuals of our time. Any words she could say to the graduating class would be inspiring and insightful.

Arnold_Palmer.jpg-7998Arnold Palmer: Alumnus Arnold Palmer is one of the greatest golfers in history. He helped popularize the sport and was a pioneer in the fields of professional athletics. In addition to his athleticism, he is known around the world for his outgoing personality and friendly disposition. He has been active in the Wake Forest community since leaving the school in the 1950s.

We applaud the administration for forming the Commencement Speaker Advisory Committee and for asking for input from community members during their search for the 2014 commencement speaker.  We wish the committee the best of luck in their search for a speaker.

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