Outgoing SG executives reflect on accomplishments

As the school year draws to a close, a new group of  Student Government executives will be sworn in as the current executives complete their terms and the projects that they have been working all year. President Jacqueline Sutherland, Speaker of the House Lydia Sandy, Secretary Javar Jones and Treasurer Will Readhead, identified campus unity and stronger communication between students and the government executives as two of their major goals for the year, and worked on initiatives to that end throughout this past year.

Photo courtesy of WFU Student Government

Photo courtesy of WFU Student Government

Beginning in October, President Jacqueline Sutherland hosted hour-long Sit ‘N Sips at Campus Grounds for students to come drink free coffee and discuss with the president what they would like to see SG accomplish.

This coffee hour was a part of her original platform, and a way to allow for personal communication with students.

Additionally, Sutherland implemented the “Talk to Me” campaign with the goal of fostering unity between all students.

“This campaign has worked throughout the spring semester to defy prejudice and break down barriers on campus by simply encouraging fellow members of our campus community to talk to one another,” said Sutherland.

Additionally, each executive held weekly office hours in their respective offices to encourage students to make their opinions known to the members of SG.

Speaker of the House Lydia Sandy pursued initiatives to increase the number of tables and chairs in various locations across campus, consistent with her original election platform. She invited students to the final General Assembly, in order to raise awareness of the fact that theses meetings are open to all, and developed an SG information listserve to allow students to be directly updated on SG proceedings.

In specific response to student needs, emergency funding was approved for Club Squash, Club Volleyball, and the Gymnastics and Fencing Clubs. The legislative assembly also approved charters for ten new student organizations this year. Another goal was to begin a Thursday night shuttle service to Last Resort, which successfully started running last fall.

Other initiatives were less positive for the executives as a whole, such as Seize the Quad, which was largely viewed as unsuccessful. Some of the goals included in the executive’s platforms when they were running for office last year, including Sandy’s proposal to add blankets in the library for late nights, were also not implemented during the course of the year.

Secretary Javar Jones stated that solid line of communication between students and the executives was his main initiative, including goals such as adding a link to the SG website to WIN. Such a link was not added to WIN and the link entitled “SG News” remains empty.

“I just wish it was easier to see what they accomplished during the year. I think Jacqueline did a good job promoting the addition of a shuttle to Last Resort and letting everyone know that that was a Student Government accomplishment,” said sophomore Sam Larsen. “It’d be nice to have more of an understanding of what they were doing.”

Sutherland wishes to ensure that the incoming executives will continue to improve the relationship between SG and the student body. “There are still many additional steps that need to be taken in order for SG to remain entirely accessible to and trusted by the student body and I’m currently working with the incoming Exec Board to discuss ideas for how SG can be even more transparent,” she said.

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